Cheeseburger, Mexican Tacos or Chinese food?

Needs and ideas are as diverse as the market is. Your marketing strategy needs to include meaningful stories, content, messages and activities for a market that is culturally changing every day. YP Marketing Pros is a marketing consulting agency that helps you create and implement strategies that keep this multicultural and evolving market in mind. It is not about speaking English, Spanish or Chinese it is about understanding the journey and touching the hearts of the most relevant segments and vertical markets for your brand.

Customer Segmentation

Did you know that including ‘aliens’ in your marketing campaign will add more than 90 million people to your target audience? That is about 30% of the overall u.s. Population. And Yes, They Call Us Aliens

The fact that the US was founded by immigrants becomes evident when we see people from different backgrounds and cultures in all sort of positions and roles. Segmenting multicultural consumers and creating an inclusive marketing strategy is vital for a brand that wants to sustain and grow in the future, a future where immigrants will support an economy where the traditional majority has grown older and is retiring. The most powerful brands are understanding these trends. Look at the Super Bowl for example, where Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, two female Latina icons were the stars in this American iconic event. It is time to include diversity in your marketing segmentation strategy, let YP become the Marketing Consulting Agency that helps you target these diverse audiences.

Market Research

Did you know that according to the Census Bureau, a new immigrant moves to the United States every 33 seconds? This audience is growing and expanding, will you?

This picture shows people from all the world in a globe like shape. A Multicultural Marketing Consulting Agency can help you target hispanic and international markets.

There is no better strategy than the one inspired by the direct words of your audience. We listen to their experience, we ask them about their needs; each client is unique. Why should you present the same solution to everybody? Just like segmentation, market research helps brands connect to a niche audience in a more personal way. Gaining a broader understanding of new complex audiences will help your message be more personal and will increase your level of adaptability to such a diverse market. Customer personas become even more relevant when we have to look not only to the origin of each person but to the same traits we look for in our traditional audiences like gender, age, education, acquisition power, profession, hobbies, and so on. Do you want a better ROI? Let’s build research-based strategies for each segment or vertical market that can benefit from your product or service in a unique way.

Let’s start working on your strategic marketing plan for multicultural audiences.