Experiential Marketing and Events that meet the most demanding Expectations

Every event is different and every target audience is too. Let YP Marketing Pros, your event production company, make your expectations become a reality. We manage event logistics from top to bottom, including pre, during, and post-event communications and social media management, venue, design, catering, collaterals, and staff accommodations.

Your participation in a Trade Show, your Brand Activation Campaigns, your Corporate events don’t need to finish after the event is over; if you create the right experience, your event, message, and brand will remain at the top of mind of your audiences.

Whether you are looking to generate leads, establish your brand, launch a product, or celebrate your accomplishments, create an experience that lasts, make your investment worthwhile.


Event Production, Planning, Designing and Management

Let your booth be the scenario where your potential customers experience the benefits of your product. In this picture teachers are testing a software for education that was being launch in an event, we built a classroom in the booth and then took prospects to a school that was a case study in the area where the tradeshow was being hosted.

Your dreams and goals in a UX booth

In this picture the brochure we design for an E-Commerce Tradeshow where our customer participated, we were in charge of designing the booth, collateral and POP Materials, set the booth up and coordinating and hosting all events in the tradeshow.

Collateral Materials design and production

In this picture you see students participating in a social media contest where they had to draw something in the company's product and post it in social media using a hashtag to show how an interactive flat pannel works in education.

Social Media for Events